Rabia dates are small in appearance and are brownish black in color. The outer skin of the Rabia date is wrinkled and has a weathered look to it. One of the most abundantly produced and economical Saudi date variety,Rabia dates are small in appearance and are brownish black in colour. The outer skin of the Rabia date is wrinkled and has a weathered look to it.

It may be relatively inexpensive and cost less than other varieties, but the taste it is sweet, and these fruit dates are a treat for the taste buds. The Rabia date maybe small in size, but the health advantages it delivers certainly stack up. They are a proven remedy for strengthening weak hearts and are also very effective in preventing abdominal cancer. Obesity, which is a major problem in the world today, can also be treated by Rabia dates. Since there is no fat content in dates, the fruit doesn’t add unnecessary body mass, and they reduce hunger. Rabia dates are also a good supplement for bone nourishment because they are rich in calcium which is an essential mineral required for bone development

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What Our Customers Say?

  • I simply love eating dates, I am aware of the nutritional and health benefits and thats why I include them into my meals, I normally like to have them for breakfast, either alone or mixed with porridge or cereals. I once discovered Kings Madina Dates and found them to be perfect. The quality is spot on and the price is value for money. Well done KMD, keep it up.

    Sophie Tomlinson
  • I run a supermarket offering multiple brands and food types to my loyal customers, when it comes to dates I have found Kings Madina Dates have a quality product that sells. The range is diverse and the product options are too. I feel when it comes to dates Kings Madina Dates is a household brand name.

    Arjun Rai
  • As a large family we get through a lot of dates especially in the month of Ramadan, we normally used to buy any date brand without differentiating between them, since we tried Kings Madina Dates we immediately felt a higher quality product. the last two years we only buy KMD dates for its quality and freshness. We highly recommend these dates to any other families.

    Anum Ameen
  • Kings Madina is a rapidly growing date fruit company, I have been having dates for years and tried many different brands. With KMD I have found that they pride themselves on the quality and care of the product. I have learned they spend months on end in Madina looking after the crop and the harvest before preparing and packing for the consumers in the UK. This is great to know that my dates have been through such a great journey with great care and attention.

    Abid Hussain

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