About Kings Madina Dates

Kings Madina dates is a fast growing and recognised brand concerning dates in the UK. Specialising in dates grown in the city of Madina al Munawarah (the prophets city) in Saudi Arabia. Our products are carefully harvested in perfect conditions to produce some of the finest dates found in the world today.

Our Story

Everybody has a passion and here at Kings Madina Dates we are extremely passionate about dates. Our dates are carefully sourced from the finest orchards located in the holy city of Madina (KSA). Madina is well known to produce dates which are not commonly found in other parts of Arabia.

We have excellent packing and cold storage facilities, which not only help to preserve the shelf life of our products, but also maintain the taste and quality. At our packing facility, we are able to pack, distribute and export large quantities of dates to numerous parts of the world. It is because of this, coupled with the hard work and expertise of our dedicated staff, which allows Kings Madina Dates to provide a great product with a customer driven service to all of our customers.

The History

Kings Madina Dates was founded in 2007, after witnessing the growing needs and demands of such type of product. The actual idea came about by a few recreational trips to Morocco by the co founders. Upon these travels the co founders discovered the many date palm trees bearing fruit that was the heart of the culture. This lead to a desire to explore the product further and a commitment to share this product with like minded people.

With our newly found business venture and entrepreneurial experience we had a desire. Through our existing network and contacts we were invited to consider Dates from the holy city of Madina. From ancient times this city was known for its date palm plantations, sometimes referred to as literally ‘the city of palm trees’. Although we initially started from Morocco, our journey took us to Saudi Arabia.

We were able to source some of the finest dates available. Within weeks we had our first delivery, only a few crates, it was incredibly exciting and inevitably we sold out pretty quickly.Clearly we didn’t have enough. Within months we had to upscale our procurement of dates to fulfill our ever growing demand throughout the United Kingdom.

Furthermore the dates from this region and the surrounding area are unique to this location and are not commonly found in other parts of the kingdom, especially the famous ‘Ajwa’ dates.

With great attention to detail in every process from farming the crop to harvesting, sorting, packaging and through to distributing our products we maintain a very high level of quality and consistency throughout our range. Our work is our passion and therefore we maintain this passion throughout the complete process. This attitude has allowed us to develop as one of the major brands in the U.K. Our products can be found nationwide from small shops to large multiple supermarkets. Our products are sold on multiple online platforms in ever greater number

We hope our customers continue to enjoy the many products we offer and share the many delights with family and friends.

What Our Customers Say?

  • I simply love eating dates, I am aware of the nutritional and health benefits and thats why I include them into my meals, I normally like to have them for breakfast, either alone or mixed with porridge or cereals. I once discovered Kings Madina Dates and found them to be perfect. The quality is spot on and the price is value for money. Well done KMD, keep it up.

    Sophie Tomlinson
  • I run a supermarket offering multiple brands and food types to my loyal customers, when it comes to dates I have found Kings Madina Dates have a quality product that sells. The range is diverse and the product options are too. I feel when it comes to dates Kings Madina Dates is a household brand name.

    Arjun Rai
  • As a large family we get through a lot of dates especially in the month of Ramadan, we normally used to buy any date brand without differentiating between them, since we tried Kings Madina Dates we immediately felt a higher quality product. the last two years we only buy KMD dates for its quality and freshness. We highly recommend these dates to any other families.

    Anum Ameen
  • Kings Madina is a rapidly growing date fruit company, I have been having dates for years and tried many different brands. With KMD I have found that they pride themselves on the quality and care of the product. I have learned they spend months on end in Madina looking after the crop and the harvest before preparing and packing for the consumers in the UK. This is great to know that my dates have been through such a great journey with great care and attention.

    Abid Hussain

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